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Welcome to Springwater Farm

Nancy and Wren (2 1/2 years old) with Peachy, 2013 Utah State Fair

We are located in the beautiful Melon Valley, near Buhl, ID. Here, we raise Nigerian dwarf alpine, and guernsey dairy goats for milk and show. Our goats are registered with ADGA under the herdname of Springwater; our old herdname was FMG, so goats with that herdname were also bred by us. We are focusing our breeding on making excellent dairy and show animals, but any of them would also make great 4H projects or pets. Our herd is on official DHI testing, and we attend several shows a year. We participate in Linear Appraisal whenever possible (every year for the last 3 years so far!).

All goats tested CAE negative (most recent test, Jan 2016) and we are a CL-free herd. We spot tested the older does for Johne's as well in Jan 2016, all negative of course! All milking does are TB and Brucellosis tested negative annually.

We received our license from the state to begin sales of raw milk and raw milk products spring 2011 and have been selling it since then. The milk and cheese are available at the farm and milk is available at the Asian Food Store on Addison in Twin Falls.